Introducing ENTFX: A Social Site for Gamers ENTFX is a portal for everything related to gaming, with both social elements and all the access gamers could want. You can now find all the resources you want in one spot. In celebration of this new launch we want you, the community to help us create the greatest gaming site that was ever was! So far we have the latest gamer and nerd news, fun free games to play, a forum and a few other ideas in the works like user submitted screenshots and fan art, game guides and strategies, one stop shop clan hosting, lore. But we want your input. How do you see the portal for all things games? We shall build from the ground up with everything at single access point to bring together the community like never before. Head over to the forums and lets get this conversation started. Let the creative juices flow and let’s share our great ideas together! Help spread the News! Become part of the one of a kind Gaming Portal and catch up on the latest Gaming News.

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